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Medical Provider of the Day

Posted 29 days ago by Robert Rousseau

Volunteer Opportunity: Maine “Medical Provider of the Day” at the Capitol
Previously “Doctor of the Day”, MMA and MOA have been staffing this role while the legislature is in
session since 1996. This session they have expanded to include PAs.
We are excited about the opportunity for PAs to engage regularly with lawmakers, the more we are
represented, the more they will consider our profession when making decisions.
The Details:
• Volunteer position, with ceremonial recognition in both chambers.
• Function as first responder/pre-EMS in the event of a medical emergency.
• Excellent opportunity to increase PA Profession exposure in the legislature.
• PA’s children are able to enroll as “Page(s) for the day”
• Typically, 9:30 am-12:30 pm, but stay as long as you like.
• To sign up click here:
• We have committed to one week/month so please help us staff this important position


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