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Forward: Maine Providers for Gun Safety

Posted 7 months ago

We hope you're enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones!  

Please make note of the event below taking place next Wednesday, January 3rd at the State House.

This is the opening day of the legislative session, and it is important to let our elected officials know this issue is a priority!


We continue to accept signatures on our letter, and currently have nearly 450 physicians and advanced practice providers who have indicated their support!  We continue to compile stories about how gun violence has affected your life, your work, your patients, or community.  Share your story with us here.

Please feel free to forward this email along to any friends, family, or colleagues interested in gun violence prevention!

Maine Gun Safety Day of Action

Maine State Capitol - Augusta, ME

January 3, 2024 - 9:00 - 11:30 AM 

Please mark your calendars for a Gun Safety Day of Action, when Mainers from across the state will descend on the State House in Augusta to demand that our legislators pass strong gun safety legislation this year. It's time for our legislators to hear from the vast majority of Mainers who support these reforms. We are a broad coalition, including gun owners, faith leaders, medical providers, and parents, who all believe that immediate action is needed. Showing up in numbers that display the breadth and diversity of voices on our side will be vital to passing these bills, and YOUR presence is requested!  Physicians and advanced practice providers are welcome to wear your white coats to indicate a strong presence from the medical community.

Save the date now, and talk 5 to 10 of your friends into coming, too. Maine can't wait for another mass shooting to happen before we pass gun safety bills that are vital to public health. The time is now! Please click here to confirm your plans to attend and stay updated with important information about the event.

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Wishing you all a healthy & happy holiday season, and look forward to

continuing to advocate beside you in 2024!