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Maine PAs ACTION needed ASAP!

Posted almost 2 years ago by Angela Leclerc


Briefly, the deadline is THIS FRIDAY to submit comments on the new rules.  MEAPA has identified 2 major areas that we will be commenting on!  Please write a letter to the board.  We have made it easy, outlined the issues here on the google doc below.

  1. Urge the Board to separate the criteria for reviewing scope of practice for Collaborative and Practice agreements: these serve two very different purposes and should not be lumped together
  2. Avoiding misrepresentation as a PA is important.  Verbal identification of our role, clear name badges with “physician assistant” on it and educating our patients on who we are and what we do is being a PA 101.  However, the requirement under the proposed rules to repeatedly correct a patient who refers to you as “doctor” is an impedance to patient care.


Please email us with any questions at

Thank you for your work and for your attention to this process as we make history in Maine!


Angela Leclerc PA-C

President, MEAPA


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