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Posted 4 months ago by Christopher Bates Withers

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first CME event last week.   We have received some questions surrounding the event, and I'm sure others have the same questions.  I'll post some of the more common questions here, and will update as I receive new questions.

1.  I was not able to figure out how to get access to the CME event.

For our first event, our delivery platform was not set up until after we had started accepting registrations.  Because of this, access instructions were sent as a separate e-mail after the registration confirmation.  We know of at least one case of a participant who was not able to locate this second e-mail.  Moving forward, registration confirmation and access instructions will be sent out in the same e-mail to try to minimize some of this confusion.  If any of you have had other issues with access or registration, please reach out as we would like to streamline this process as much as possible for future participants.

2.  I have completed the post-course evaluation.  How do I get my CME certificate?

For participants who have completed the post-course evaluation, CME certificates will be sent by e-mail by 10/11/2020.  Please reach out if you have not received your CME certificate by that time.

3.  When is the next education event?

There will be an industry-sponsored non-CME event on Saturday 10/17.  Our next accredited CME event will be in early December, and will be announced soon.

Please reach out with any other questions, feedback or concerns!


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