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Physician Assistant-Plastic Surgery New

Lewiston, ME


Hiring Company

Central Maine Healthcare

Positions Available

Full Time

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Position Description

At Central Maine Healthcare our team members are committed to providing exceptional care and experiences for our community and for each other every day.

Position Summary:

Performs patient care both in the outpatient and inpatient settings under the supervising physician. The Physician Assistant serves as an essential member of the patient care team responsible for delivering direct and indirect care utilizing the PA scope of practice. The PA will be responsible for assessing health status, developing and executing interventions collaboratively with the clinical team evaluating patient responses. Duties may be delegated according to the education and practice standard of the team member. The PA practices in accordance with CMH's Policies and Procedures and HIPAA.

Basic Job Description:

-We are hiring a physician assistant to join our busy plastic and reconstructive surgery practice. Main duties will be to first assist in the OR 2-3 days per week and to see perioperative patients in the outpatient office 1-2 days per week. This is a full-time position; it will mostly involve direct patient contact with some administrative time included.

Essential Duties:

  • Able to perform and document physical examinations on all patients, neonate through the geriatric population.
  • Obtains and documents patient's medical history.
  • Assesses and documents patient's and/or family's psychosocial issues.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
  • Interprets subjective and objective data to formulate a diagnosis.
  • Formulates treatment plans within the PA's scope of practice.
  • Implements therapeutic interventions when appropriate.
  • Orders and interprets laboratory tests and other diagnostic tests.
  • Provides patient care in the pre, intra and post-operative tests - settings.
  • Orders preoperative medications and tests.
  • Able to write preoperative medications and tests.
  • Assists in the management of acutely traumatized patients and cares for minor injuries.
  • First and second assists surgeons in the OR, i.e., General Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, (PA Specialty). - Acts as a first assist to surgeons in the OR
  • Preps and drapes patients in the OR, closes routine incisions.
  • Provides patient care in all settings where the supervising physician provides care.
  • Provides counseling/education for patients and families on preventative healthcare.
  • Provides discharge instructions to patient and family.
  • Provides the initial evaluation and management of acutely injured patients in the Emergency Department. - We generally don’t do this
  • Writes and dictates patient discharge summaries
  • Always refers to the physician with difficult cases or when a case is out of the scope of practice for a PA.
  • Prescribes medications within the scope of Maine State Clinical Practice.
  • Follows the five medication rights and reduces the potential for medication errors.
  • Provides counseling/education for patients and families on preventative healthcare. - Repetitive
  • Customer Service: Interacts with all individuals in a consistent manner, providing attention, support, and assistance to foster an environment of exceptional personal service.
    • Maintains a pleasant and helpful demeanor, and presents a professional appearance toward all internal and external customers at all times.

  • Consistently initiates interaction to provide assistance to individuals who may not be direct customers of the employee (i.e. asks patients who appear to be lost if they need assistance in finding their way).
  • Takes appropriate action to recover from a service difficulty, ensuring that the necessary action is taken to affect a resolution to the customer's problem.
  • Conducts all work activities with respect for coworkers, including the maintenance of a pleasant and professional environment, fostering calmness during stressful situations.
  • Interacts with supervisory personnel in a professional, supportive and courteous manner, venting emotions appropriate to time and place.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to service by consistent attendance and punctuality, scheduling absences according to departmental requirements, and incurring unplanned absences only when unavoidable circumstances exist.
  • Could rephrase all of these bullet points by saying something like “acts within the code of conduct and ethics, treats all staff, patients and other encounters with respect and kindness” yadda yadda

Education and Experience:

  • Licensed, Registered or Certified in the State of Maine.
  • Graduate of accredited physician assistant program; NCCPA certified.
    • Must complete 100 hours of CME every two (2) years and take the recertification exam every six (6) years.
  • Must be supervised by licensed physician.
  • Current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider BLS Certification required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Able to effectively communicate in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Ability to engage patients and team members utilizing the CMH Experience Standards

1.  I am creating a warming, caring, and non-judgmental environment

11.  I am actively listening and seeking information

111.  I am honest, truthful, and consistent

1v. I am respectful, treating all individuals with dignity and empathy

v. I am serving as a role model, taking both initiative and ownership when appropriate v1. I am working collaboratively and demonstrating teamwork

vii. I am resilient and adapt to change in positive ways.

  • Demonstrated ability to direct and triage in a highly fluid dynamic operational environment.
  • Ability to collaborate with all layers of the management/ administration team.

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Employers use My PA Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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